1930's Eriskay, Western Isles - waulking tweed - wearing house dresses.

Thanks to the Harris Tweed Authority for permission to share this image of women waulking tweed, all wearing house dresses!  

Jane H Macmillan, the content creation and education officer for the Harris Tweed Authority also provided a bit more info on the photograph.

"...The photograph is of the same ladies waulking tweed in this video: 
ERISKAY - A POEM OF REMOTE LIVES (around 16 minutes in). 
 There's some useful information on that page, in the description - it appears to have been filmed during summer of 1934 in Eriskay..."

And if you'd like to read even more about 'The Big Cloth', click here to read the article by Mark Hogarth, Creative Director of Harris Tweed Hebrides - this is where I first saw the photo.