Dark crottle - Parmelia saxatilis - drawings

The many use of Parmelia saxatilis.
Don't try this at home!

UK: Sheltand - smoked with tabacco.
UK: dark crottle /crotal. Used as a dye.
UK : Derbyshire - as a decoration during well dressing festivals.

Canada & Alaska: used to stuff caribou skins for rafts.

Europe: more potent when growing on the bones of a criminal or someone who died a vilolent death - to cure eplilpsy, stop bleeding and also mixed with sweet wine and given to children to cure whooping cough.
Europe: If you have the weapon that caused the wound, then use lichen mixed with something aparently found on a mummy,to cover the weapon not the wound, to heal it.

Sweden: used in the removal of warts on hands.
Inida: used as snuff.
Sweden - as a dye.

China: drunk in wine to cure blurred vision, stop vomiting blood and cure mouth ulcers.

dark crottle - Parmelia saxatilis growing on a rock in my driveway.
Photos through my tiny magnifying lense.

Patterns for a house dress perhaps - work clothes - house dresses and wrap aprons feature in many old photos of women dyeing yarn with lichen (crottle).
The house dresses and wrap aprons in the UK (of which there are many variations), traditionally featured a small floral repeat design.  This made it easy for it to be made at home - no large patterns to match up at the seams.