Dog-tooth lichen - Peltigera

The many uses of Peltigera, dog-tooth lichen.
Don't try this at home!

Alaska: Inuit -  used to stuff caribou skins for rafts.
Alaska: Tlingit - dried and applied to burns.

Vancouver Island: Nitinaht Indians - made into a poultice and applied to sores caused by walking.
Vancouver Island: Nitinaht Indians - chewed as a cure for tuberculosis.
Vancouver Island: Nitinaht Indians - to help pass urine.

Sweden:  boiled with milk as a cure for ulcer in the mouth.

India: eaten as a remidy for liver problems.
India: Lepchas -made to a paste and applied to cuts to help stop bleeding.
Tibetan Himalayas: boiled with goat milk, pulped then mixed with cow urine - an antisceptic on cuts.
India: eaten as a medicine for jaundice and hydrophobia. Hydrophobia is an extreme fear of water - seen as a sympton of rabies in humans.

British Columbia: Oweekeno - as a poultice on wounds mixed with spruce pitch.
British Columbia: Kwakiutl  - a love charm.
Ontario Canada - made into a tea to induce vomiting.
 Ontario Canada: an anti love medicine - to make your loved one return or release you from their charms.
China:   to help with digestion.
China: a cure for rabies.
Europe: as an infusion in milk to drink -  cures mouth ulcers, induces vomiting to get rid of worms.
Europe: a cure for rabies.
Europe - an iron red dye for wool.

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