House dresses and wrap aprons - a selection of your memories.

Sue Jane Taylor (Scotland):
"Tabards (tunic aprons) were popular in my youth amongst the crofter lady folk. My dad used to sell them from his drapery van round the west coast."

Birte Helene Gairy (Denmark)
"...I have a few from the Caribbean.i have worn especially one this hot summer,we have had. (very is from Tobago and one from grenada)....."

Eeva Simola-Erholtz (Finland)
"...House dresses you bought are far more feminine than those worn by my granny!
They were straight cut, and had buttons on the front, and big rectangular patched-on pockets at the sides for hankies, keys, matches... and they had a simple shirt collar. 

Patterns were often floral or geometric, and followed trends of the time, but only subtly.
Granny wore always thick brown long socks that wrinkled on the knees, woolly hand knitted socks and red slippers with red-beige patterned turns on the sides, with red bobbins. Those slippers were and are called Aino. Finnish woman from our Kaleva, the national epic......................... .......I have a couple of dresses I wear especially at home in the summer. Alas, I may go shopping or even firther in them. They are mostly linen or cotton, and even if neat, I have a bad habit of wiling my wet hands on them."

Linda Travis (England)
".....reminds me so much of my Grandma's apron - she wore it all the time in the house..  A wrap around apron...almost covering her entire dress...." 

Bryndís Zoëga (Iceland)
"....I love the project. My mom and her friends used to wear those dresses back in the 70's, and my grandma before her. They were called Hagkaupssloppar which roughly as CO-OP-ropes. It was an Icelandic design and was very popular, sold in almost 200.000 copies (according to an add I saw online). ........... This is an sample of the rope which is owned by a museum in Northern Iceland. and this is a later come-back (for fun) version​. ............"

Margaret King (Newfoundland)
"...My mother always wore a house dress (coat) and changed into a more expensive dress in the afternoon when she had all her house work done. I have some of them. They are mostly made of cotton, loose fitting and usually with flowers. My mother never wore slacks in her life only when she went berry picking...."

Fabulous info - all may become an artists book.....................ideas forming, keep your memories coming!