Julie Kelty from South Uist - living life in the 40's. House dress collection.

".... Hi Joanne, I have 3 house dresses, a typical styled apron that I bought from a film company that  did the series "The Forties House", many years ago, it is well worn, and I have sewn it back together a few times, that is my favourite. 

A large wrap around house dress that a lady made that makes aprons and wvs uniforms for people like me that love the 40's and reenactors. The last one I luckily found in the thrift shop on the island and is an authentic vintage apron, a little tight for me, so that gets displayed. 

I live my life as much as I can in the Forties, I love the way the ladies dressed then, the simple life and being happy with what you have. There is quite an online community with similar people all over the world, and on the mainland over the year there are 40's weekends which are very popular. Julie xx..."

Fabulous info - all may become an artists book.....................ideas forming, keep your memories coming!