Xanthoria parietina

Xanthoria parietina  
On my drawing table today. Work-in-progress.

Xanthoria parietina, also known as:  wall lichen, yellow wall lichen, common yellow wall moss, maritime starburst lichen, and yellow crotal.

It's the last one that's intersting, as it indicates this was used as a dye.  Colours acheived include: yellow, tan, pink and even blue.

The many uses of Xanthoria parietina  
Don't try this at home!

India:  as a shampoo.

UK: as a decoration as a mosaic of plants on wooden trays during  well dressing festivals in Derybshire.

Europeboiled with milk  to treat a fever and jaundice and diarrhea.
Europe: a substitute for  quinine.
Spain: mixed with wine for menstrual complaints and various pains.
Spain: for kidney disorders.
Spain: tooth ache.
Spain: an ingredient in a cough syrup.

China:  an antibacterial