Inverewe Botanical Gardens - BBC Alba, Exhibition and residency news 2019.

I’m excited to have been invited back to Inverewe Botanic Gardens, a National Trust for Scotland Property, as artist-in-residence throughout 2019.

This will be a collaborative residency working with other invited artists with a variety of disciplines.

The residency starts with an exhibition of our previous artwork in April 2019.  

I plan to exhibit my lichen inspired artwork including framed original drawings,and my new 'crottle' wrap-apron.

For More info on the Inverewe Botanical Gardens click here.

The wrap-apron was often worn by women doing chores in and around the home. In the Scottish Highlands and Islands, this included dyeing wool with crottle. 

Crottle  or  crotal  (gaelic) is a Scottish term for lichens that were traditionally used as a dye. These lichens have been recorded in Inverewe Botanical Gardens.

BBC Alba will be following our progress throughout the year, for their programme, An La.

Accessorize with this very Very exclusive linen bag  made in Scotland.  Inspired by the Ochrolechia  tartarea  lichen - image printed with a design from my original drawing. 
Will be available at Inverewe Botanical Gardens in April as part of my exhibtion. 

This bag is lined and measures  H37cm x W44cm x D10cm (not including the handle!)l