" This photo sums up my memories of gran..." Linda Travis shares a few precious memories - and wrap aprons.

My aunty Linda Travis (nee Davis) posted me a wonderful collection of photos 
".....salvaged from an old leather suitcase my dad left..."

".... First photo is my grandmother - granma Davis (Margaret Elliot born in Newcastle in 1885), my fathers mother with her 4th child, Thelma, my aunt. I never saw Thelma in an apron, she had been Miss Preston and went in for celebrity  contests. She looked after my gran and grandad even after she married, she didn't leave home.....

...Grandma was rarely seen not wearing her wrap-over....

.....Second photo is of grandma and her 2nd child, my Uncle Bill who went to live and work in Chicago, sent here by 'Goss Printing Works', to set up a printing and machinery business. Came back in the 70's.  3rd photo is Felix (cat) and Themla. Gran was big on cats...."

"...... a full-length photo of gran in her wrap-over apron, usually accompanied with cardigan and complete with full fit slippers. This photo sums up my memories of gran. Every Sunday the family would gather at grans for a full roast dinner. She would make the gravin in a large roasting tin and a spoon that she rotated in circles (getting rid of  Bisto lunps I guess), which caused short gyrations of the apron - as you can see, she's a big lass...."

"...... Gran on the patio with my other grandad (grandad  France) who was joining us for Whitsunday lunch 1956. In the foreground is Thelma with Tony my cousin..."

".... I can't be absolutely sure who these people are,very likely grans side of the family in Newcastle. Bothe wearing workdresses....."

"... My grandad, head engineer at Preston 'Dick Kerr' traction engines mainly, was often sent to far off countries to set up sales of trains , assess and provide training needs in Buenos Aries / Portugal etc.  I'm guessing these people may be Latin American?  Pictured with grandad in his workshop overall. However  that is certainly another wrapover on the woman. Note the hip pocket - same style as my grans...."