Kev and Sue Greenbank from Lairg share memoies of wrap aprons and pinnies.

Hi Joanne,
My wife and I really enjoyed your talk and display last Friday, very interesting and informative..  You asked for photos and I found a couple in our family tree which I have attached.  The one in a group of people is my wifes great grandmother Frances Garton (nee Cooper) we think the photo was taken in 1954 when she was 80

The singleton is my Great Great Grandmother Sarah Ann Day (nee Jessop) the photo probably taken in the 1920's as the skirt she is covering was the one she was wearing at my Granddads wedding in 1921

We also found an example of a  different method of protecting clothing on a Child which might be of interest (looks a bit like crochet work) The child is my wifes Grandmother at age of around 6 in 1910


Kev & Sue Greenbank