Newfoundland - pulley system clotheslines - vintage aprons - ships laundry - 'dusters'

While in Newfoundland,
 I  bought this vintage apron from a second hand shop in St.John's.  
The photo shows The Narrows, the entrance to St.John's harbour.

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I started to notice the pulley system clothes lines they used.
Great for those akward spaces on slope and over streams!

This photo has 6 pulleys in it. Difficult to make out, so I've numbered them! 
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A few steps up needed to reach this clothes line at the Battery in St. John's.

Apparently, 'dusters' are a Newfoundland name for housecoats or overalls worn when doing chores.  

I couldn't resist, I had to bring a pulley system clothes line home to Scotland - this is what I purchased in a hardwear store in St. John's - including pegs and line!

Now  trying it out in my field,  and inspired by the clothes lines on slopes, we used a few empty fishboxes for steps and picked a spot (on a slope!)!

And what to hang on my clothes line?? 
First up, the apron from Newfoundland.

Then, inspired by Fogo Island recent, 'community hang up your quilts in public day', I decided on two of the quilts I'd made!

Do email me photos of your clothes lines - wherever you are!

Click here to read why I was invited to Newfoundland 
by Trinity Historical Society.