Inspired by my pressed herbarium - a new floral pattern for a contemporary wrap apron - ideas in the making.

For the last few years we (me and my mum, Liz O'Donnell), have been making a pressed herbarium of plants growing in my field and at Langypo in Brough where we have permission to pick.  We used archival papers, tape and  documented each plants details following guidelines for herbarium collections, making sure our collection will last and be of use in the future. 

Traditionally, wrap aprons were made from fabric with a small floral repeat pattern - making them easy to cut and sew at home without having to match up the design. 

I'm planning a new contemporary apron which documents the flora where I live using our pressed herbarium as the source of inspiration - I like the formal layout with labels.   The shape of the apron and techniques to make it are yet  to be decided.