5 generations of apron wearers!

Thanks to Kirsteen Oliver for sending these images documenting 5 generations of her family and aprons! 

".....  I read about you on the Scottish Field FB page.  What a great idea!....."

  1944 – my Great Granny Mitchell, Muasdale, Kintyre
She led the horses during the harvest in return for food for her hens.

1970 – my Granny Beaton and me.  My granny’s pinny being used to collect eggs.

Butterbridge, Cairndow Estate, Argyll, 1970.   My grandpa was one of the Estate’s shepherds.  Butterbridge had one of the larger sheep sheds on the Estate, it was used constantly throughout the year. The Estate shepherds would meet at Butterbridge and work together gathering the hundreds of sheep from the hills, bringing them down to sheds. The shepherds needed fed. The Estate provided the basic provisions, ordered from a grocers in Inveraray and delivered to Butterbridge. Granny provided the meals and was paid a small amount for her time.  I loved pottering about with my grandparents, playing in sheds, keeping up with sheepdogs, feeding lambs and hens.  Here my granny and I have just been to the henhouse – my granny’s pinny being used to hold the eggs.  Spot the mangle in the background!

My mum and me, Craig Dubh, Inveraray, Argyll, 1968.  Baby feeding time!            

Granny and Grandpa Beaton, Cumlodden, Argyll, 1984.   My granny was a great home cook, busy in the kitchen and always wore a pinny.

Aunty Morag – Granny’s little sister, the last surviving child of Great Granny Mitchell, now 92, still wears a pinny.  and my daughter, Garelochhead, 2005.   Aunty Morag, Granny’s little sister,  is last surviving child of Great Granny Mitchell.  She still makes pancakes and wears a pinny!

QOH – I have a friend who designs logos for my aprons  - previously I was Queen of Hearts, Cakes and Tarts, this photo was taken with Clyde, the mascot for Glasgow Commonweath Games. 

GBBO 1 and 2 – my daughters at Moffat Gala Fancy Dress Competition, 2013

New Apron Logo – I changed the business name to Granny Beaton’s, so my friend, a tapestry weaver designed the new logo.  I wear the apron at my stall at Farmer’s markets around Glasgow.

".... If you like nostalgia, have a look at my website, I have told some of my Granny’s story of her life as a shepherds wife in Argyll...."   https://www.grannybeatons.co.uk/story/