A Caithness Collection - house dresses, Wrap aprons, pinnies - all worn by one remarkable woman.

Sheila Moir couldn't get my lichen inspired wrap apron on quick enough!
This photo of me and Sheila was taken by Carole Whittaker at Mey & District gardening club.

Sheila gave me her own collection of aprons:

21 aprons, pinnies and tabards, all ironed, folded, packed away neatly in storage boxes, and labelled.

When I first became fascinated by wrap aprons and all their variations over time and  in different countries, I hadn't anticipated  the most comprehensive collection, all worn by one remarkable woman, being quite so close to home.   Now in her 80's, Sheila Moir from Scarfskerry, Caithness, just a few miles from me, is well known for her photography, but when  she invited me over to see her aprons,  I wasn't expecting to see such a fantastic collection of garments unfold before me. 

Sheila used to be a clippie (bus conductress) in Caithness, and when she returned home from work, she'd slip an apron on over her uniform. 

With a huge thank you to Sheila, I'm now custodian of this collection. 

A wrap apron. 

This is Sheila, a few years ago, at Castlehill Heritage Centre in Caithness. She's with artist/basketmaker, Tim Johnson. They are both holding  heather creels (once used to carry fish).  Click here to read more these heather creels.