Aprons from the early 1900's in Western Pennsylvania & Western Maryland

Karen Brooks from Maryland and West Virginia shares a wonderful selection of old family photos and current apron obsession!

 "..... some old photos of family members with their aprons on . The oldest are from the early 1900's and are of my great great grandmother's....." (above)

my great great grandmother Caroline Wilt Mcfadden

 these more recent photos are of my mom Gail Papke , 
she was an excellent seamstress and her apron won a ribbon 

at the Maryland state fair

my sister Kelly wearing that apron

"....The next photo (below) is my sister Kellys apron collection , most were hand made by our mom. My sister and I have had a love of aprons from early childhood. We both feel a sense of nostalgia and closeness to our mom , grandmothers when we get our aprons out, it is even more comforting to put one on when cooking or baking. Call it silly but whenever I see an old apron in a thrift store, I feel the need to rescue it because some ones mom or grand mother spent a lot if time in that apron cooking and baking for loved ones. I have my own apron collection ....."

family friend of my grandmothers 1950s
"...We are in Maryland and West Virginia of the US. My grandmothers and great grandmother's lived primarily in western Pennsylvania & Western Maryland. My great, great, great grandfather Ezra McCoy emigrated from Scotland late 1730s . He was of Whiteside decent/ Lanarkshire area ...."