Sharing a few of your memories of aprons - thanks to Scottish Field Magazine.

Karen Brooks: 
"Reminds me of both my  grandmother's, never saw them in pants, always a dress with apron to cover.."

Pauline Jewett:
"My granny always wore an apron. But then back then, most ladies didn’t have a huge number of dresses and so the apron was to prevent the dresses getting dirty. They were used for wiping tears, for carrying tissues, for wiping hands on and for lifting lids off pans."

Joan Hewes:
"Pauline Jewett how very true.In some cases it was like a comfort blanket."

Dora Smith:
"My Granny and Great Aunts always wore these aprons, over skirts/dresses and never trousers. They were all farm women/wives. Sadly don't think have any photos, as they'd have taken the pinnies off for pics. I wore a pinny as a young child, at times. I remember one with a 'Pinky and Perky' Pig design.Prob saved on hand washing of heavier, woollen clothes."

Linda Thompson
"I remember my Grannie always in an apron with several nappy pins attached for my younger cousins - and always buttons in the pocket."

Heather Hutt:
"My granny always had her peenie on."

Sandra Kelman
"Pinny, my grannies always wore pinnies!"