My grandmothers recipe books

I have a folder packed with my grandmothers recipes, hand written in a lined jotter and a notebook specially designed to collect your own. All carefully written out on  blue letter writing paper, envelopes and more. Its quite a collection, with lots of recipes cut out from magazines, saved to use again.   I also have my grans copy of Mrs Beeton's Cookery Book and still use her weighing scales each time I bake.

Parcels of parkin and treacle toffee regularly made their way to us by post. 
They didn't last long! 

Reading these brings back memories of 'helping' her in the kitchen and makes me want to bake some of her recipes - but they will never be as good a gran's.

Documenting the domestic.

treacle toffee
my grandmothers hand written recipes
new aprons in the making.
test piece - digital print onto cotton